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Phish 12-29-97 DVD for download


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Dear friends,

Happy Holidays from LivePhish.com!

We're celebrating the holidays and the fourth anniversary of LivePhish.com with

the audio and video release of 12/29/97. Night one of three sold-out shows at

Madison Square Garden has beautiful flow, song selection and execution. A rare

cover of Crossroads, Fluffhead, full-funk Run Like an Antelope, extended Down

With Disease, Possum sandwich and a breath-taking Tube are just a few of the

ingredients that combine to make 12/29/97 the perfect show to continue the

tradition of livephish.com videos. Archival footage was sync'd with re-mastered

soundboard audio, ready made for your ipod and available either as single tracks

or full-show audio or video. Live Phish Videos will feature regular new releases

from the Phish Archives, so stay tuned.

For you last minute shoppers, check out Live Phish Gift Certificates at

http://www.livephish.com/gifts -- each gift certificate is redeemable for MP3

singles, video downloads, FLACs, and full show or full tour purchases.

And don't forget about our frequent flier program: buy any five downloads of the

same price and get a 10% discount!


12/29/97 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY



NICU (6:35)

Golgi Apparatus (4:43)

Crossroads (5:07)

Cars Trucks Buses (5:30)

Train Song (3:00)

Theme from the Bottom (12:30)

Fluffhead (16:28)

Dirt (4:10)

Run Like an Antelope (16:21)


Down with Disease (23:35)

David Bowie (19:48)

Possum > I Can't Turn You Loose > Possum (10:35)

Tube (10:49)

You Enjoy Myself (19:32)


Good Times, Bad Times (7:31)

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as awesome as this is, too bad you can't download the live video of Possum; i'll never forget during the crazy end part of Bowie, I was focusing on Trey as he confirmed with each band member right before they SLAM into POssum; one of the sickest segues I've seen! You can hear the audience just lose it (clearly on an AUD copy) once they realise what's transpired before their eyes!

hmm, who knows, maybe the Bowie video shows the segue at least...

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