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Toronto: DO NOT MISS the CRACKER CATS tonight! (ladies pickin' deathgrass)


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I played in Waterloo last night as part of the GO! Festival with Tiiu Millistver, feat. Deeps on bass and Brooks on guitar and pedal steel. The headlining band was this OUTRAGEOUS trio from Saskatoon called the Cracker Cats. They killed this little room we were playing in. They are serious players with killer high-lonesome harmonies. The music is a Tom Waits-informed bluegrass, sometimes slow and gypsy-style and other times fast and furious, but definately dark. The banjo picker alone is worth going to see!


Music at http://www.myspace.com/thecrackercats

They're playing tonight at the Global Village Backpacker's Hostel, corner of King and Spadina. $5 cover. They're from Saskatoon and flying home tomorrow, don't miss them!

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