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moe.down Miracles, nero Style


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For anybody with access to live nero, here's an idea: take a few live CDs of nero to moe.down with you, and if you hear anybody say anything about liking nero, or wondering what they are or what they're like, bam!, give 'em a CD. Write the important URLs (neroland.com, jamhub.ca, jambands.ca, etc.) on the sleeve, and then point them to the merch tent/table.

Full shows are fine (maybe recent ones [e.g., fall 2002 or later], as the sound has changed a lot recently), or compilations.



P.S. For reference, I've run this idea by Velvet, and he's cool with it. (I didn't want to do anything to possibly detract from sales of the new live nero CD.)

P.P.S. For those with access to live JSB, do the same thing.

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