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Mr. Something Something Sunday Aug 12

boiler rat

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I'm having some luck running into these guys this summer having "bumped into" a show with them in Sydney while we were on vacation. (a couple of pictures I took)


So now they're playing Durham, just half an hour away from me in Port Elgin. I have some room at my place too, should anyone wanna come up to cottage country. Here's some info on the show:

This Sunday, Aug 12, we are doing a very special show for the

closing party of The Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film in Durham, ON, two

hours north-west of Toronto. The venue is Michael Schmidt's Symphony Barn

on biodynamic Glencolton Farms. Michael Schmidt is the organic raw milk

farmer who, since 1994, has been selling shares in cows to Ontario food

lovers so they can legally obtain unpasteurized milk. Last year, his

farm was raided by inspectors from the Ontario Ministry of Natural

Resources and armed OPP officers, who forced Michael and his family into

their kitchen and made off with equipment and samples of milk and cheese.

Michael went on a month-long hunger strike, drinking only one glass of

milk a day in protest. He's gathered a long list of supporters, among

them, top Canadian chefs Jamie Kennedy and Marc Thuet. Michael's fight

is for freedom, freedom with responsibility, freedom of choice, freedom

of association, freedom from corporate manipulation & monopolies,

freedom of opportunity, and freedom from injustice.

This show will be something out of the ordinary as it features highly

acclaimed live performance painter Michael Janzen who will join us on

stage to create highly rhythmical paintings right before your eyes.

Music, painting and dance will inform and inspire each other, and, as if

that wasn't enough, live video mixer Andrew Hopkinson will create site

specific visuals to accompany us.

8:30 pm.

Admission is $8 (students, seniors, under-employed $5).

You are welcome to spend a whole day on the farm. The whole north-east

corner of town is a conservation area with walking and biking trails

etc. Swimming at the public beach is a 1-minute walk from the local

gallery, McGowan falls are a 3-minute walk...not only are they beautiful,

but you can sit in them and get a fabulous pummeling water massage. If

you want to camp out Sunday night, you should contact the Saugeen Valley

Conservation Authority to reserve a camping spot. Make sure to bring

food as most of the town's businesses are closed on Sunday.


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