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KAE SUN - CD Release - THR Sep 6 - Hamilton


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This is the first of a few CD Release Parties. Sep 21 will be Toronto, Sep 25 St. Catharines and Oct 3 Montreal, with more to be announced. Hope you guys can support this project, which still features members of What The Thunder Said. Things are happening with us, we are really excited about this and I will be there. Promise.




w/ Miles Jones and MicLordz

THR September 6th

The Casbah (306 King St W)

Hamilton, ON

19+, 8:00PM, $10

Purchase Album:

CD Baby


SNOCAP Downloads

The album will be available worldwide on iTunes on AUG 21 as well.

As stated in Kitchener, Canada's Echo Weekly, Kae Sun "abandons bling for brains, as his words both embrace and transcend the human condition."

Kae Sun




Now Kae Sun unveils the Ghost Town Prophecy EP, a deeply moving set of richly poetic, diverse statements. An incisive songwriter, each tune is a triumph, a sonic exploration that explores both sides of the globalization coin, urban sprawl and the lessons of both Africa and the West. A collage of styles, Kae Sun reinvigorates hip-hop with Church Gospel, springtime reggae, complex jazz, guitar rock and spoken word, creating a diverse collection built upon a foundation of clever musicianship and Kae's enrapturing delivery.

On "Where Did Everybody Go," a soulful exploration that borrows inspiration from Latin jazz and early funk, Kae Sun explores self worth from the perspective of a ballpoint pen scribbling poetry from the shaking hands of a tattered soul, while on "Kidnapped," arguably the loudest, rockiest exercise, Kae ponders life's worth if music's spirituality disappeared. "Stay Up," a radio-friendly reggae romp reminds us all how gorgeous life can be if we believe so, while closer "Angels By Day" is Kae Sun's tribute to his upbringing, fusing Gospel lyricism with intense, blues-quelled harmonies. Plus, a dedication to the beauty and traditions of conscious hip-hop drive the Ghost Town Prophecy EP, especially on Kae Sun's adopted hometown tribute "Living In The City" and spoken-word manifesto "Metropolis." An engaging, vastly mature work, Ghost Town Prophecy EP is the album Kae Sun has been meaning to make all his life, an evocative patchwork of ideas, images and contagious melodies that resonate with anyone in need of a pick me up, a good think or a good dance. Ghost Town Prophecy EP is a uniquely multicultural, expansive collection that transcends genres to create one of its own; part African, part Canadian, globalized but local, soulful but evocative and entirely glorious.

Ghost Town Prophecy has charted at #10 on CFMU and is being released in the UK by Last Press Label in February, with a European Vinyl Release on Wire Globe Recordings simultaneously. A European Tour will follow.

Miles Jones




In 2004 Miles wrote eleven songs for BMG's music catalogue as a part of the Canadian Idol writers conference. He also got his first production credit in February 2005 on Mike Ford's album titled,'Canada Needs You.' Miles graduated from McMaster University in 2006 with his honours degree in Multimedia and Communication. His senior thesis project included his debut album, 'ONE CHANCE' which was reviewed by NOW magazine, Hamilton's The VIEW, and Toronto's Beach Metro Publication. ONE CHANCE is currently available across HMV and indigo outlets nation wide.






In a city that struggles for its own identity, the MicLordz have grown into a group that can be distinguished amongst hip hop's elite. AlerG and Boots do not only have mass appeal to the mainstream they also appeal to the underground and in most instances fans scream for the gritty and wild performances to continue. Having developed a great stage presences the MicLordz treat crowds to a perfect mix of show and talent allowing everyone watching to feel apart of the performance.

The crew was officially formed less than 4 years ago, and the progression and maturity of their music is growing daily. From working together on talent shows in their teenage years, and now a full band rocking 10,000 people venues these entertainers have always had chemistry on the stage and meshing styles and vocals that leave the fans begging for more.


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