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Artists Take Over Former Phish HQ


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In her 1929 book A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf flayed a common bias by suggesting that a woman could be a man’s creative equal, given her own money and the space in which to do so. Also implied in that equal-opportunity scenario, of course, is uninterrupted time. Though Woolf was specifically referring to writing fiction, her book title became a catchphrase for the personal liberties that any artist, regardless of gender or medium, requires to produce good work.

Nearly 80 years later, gender inequality isn’t the issue it once was, but that money-room-time thing is still the artist’s Holy Grail. And, to mix the religious metaphor, its two-word mantra is studio space.

Virginia Woolf, meet Trey Anastasio.....

Artists Take Over Former Phish HQ

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