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    Any decent shows happenign that night? I plan on hittign up the town on a tear! Goin to be a mess, C towns? Am I shitt on your couch??
  2. haha Looks like Northern Wish might be in the same boat too haha
  3. Hopefully someone from the toronto area has a extra seat but ill keep it in mind from ottawa
  4. Anyone got a extra seat goin to Moe.down??
  5. HAHA No problem if you know anyone else tell them about it I wanna try and get a good number of people there so we can get some good competition Good job this week so far
  6. Hey guys, Dunno if any of you guys play the fantasy EPL online, at http://fantasy.premierleague.com ? but Ive thought to start my own leaqgue on it this year. your all welcome to join in if you like! Heres the league code to enter 962825-220851, Lets get this season started!!
  7. I wish I could made it but i didnt finnish work til 330 am Booo ME
  8. May as well go with Oshawa or better yet, Asstown. Whoaaaaa Whoaaa Whoaaa Dont make start brewin a deluxe fudge browny for your couch crap-towns
  9. Ol'Hickster


    I love Cracklin on patatoes when im having salf fish dinner!! hmmmm salt fish dinner! but Cracklin is great on anything!
  10. Ol'Hickster

    Pot Holders?

    Woould it be considered a oven glove then bouche?
  11. Joshua!! That a good one! But I always liked the name Alexander aswell
  12. Yea I had a blast too! these guys always put on a great show!It was nice to see everyone again since ive been mia latley. ahah I also couldnt get enough of the 200,000 vietnamese bill, and how there dollar is called a dong haha someone left as a tip for the guy in the bathroom that give yea soap and colonge haha must been a baller haha it works out to be like $11 bucks canadian!!
  13. Ol'Hickster


    Awww to be honust with you guys, I was really hoping you were goin to be talkign about a real mole, I love trying all sorts of meats from all types of animals and the topic struct my chord! but oh well maybe ill just have to find one of them, near sighted guys and try it myself
  14. Ol'Hickster


    Yea if your goin to sear them make sure there dry and really hich heat and shoudl for my liking only be like as min on each side Yummy im want some now! Raw is also my favourite way to have them aswell!! I dunno abotu the price I ususally dont buy them out here, I usually bring a bunch back with me when i visit home. When I get them there usually 8 to 10 dollars a pound dependsing on how the seasons goin
  15. Ol'Hickster

    Pot Holders?

    What are yea goin to tell the young ones Kev that there pro green canadian maple leaves
  16. thad be a fun night in Hali
  17. haha Yea Ive noticed haha Ive acctually been lookin in to them and have seen some really cool designs and styles and am deffinalty see me building some in the coming future !
  18. Hey ive been pretty low key and a bit of a hermit, finnshing up the last block of my apprentiship. So now im all done bar my glass block pannel i have to do tommorow, then its back to the life of having fun and not being on Pogie haha. Anywheres heres some snap shots of the projects ive had to do adn that have been keeping me busy for the last little bit.
  19. There a blast seen them a couple times and the last being at Evolve when they played there and ive always had a great time! Ill be there on saturday come on out!
  20. No way hosa, it would be extra pulpy with generous portion of rum
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