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Steven Elmo Murphy Band heading West again!

eDDie mAx

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A 7 show stint, starting tomorrow!

Elmo - Vocals, guitar

Shelby Kerr - Vocals, vibe coordinator

Walt Lucent - Lead guitar

Johnny Kerr - Bass, vocals

Geoff Hilhorst - Keys

eDDie mAx - drums, vocals

All dates up here: www.myspace.com/drummerfohire

Help spread the word if anyone has any friends out there!

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Edit to the tour schedule for June 20 - the name of the town is Windermere, not Invermere. They are playing Invermere tonight(June 12) and the Hoodoo Lounge in WINDERMERE on June 20.

that is all. Newrider. If THAT is YOUR real name...

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