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Bob Lefsetz - festivals


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FESTIVALS I'm not saying that the producers of Woodstock weren't interested in profits, but that appears to be ALL today's festival producers care about... Otherwise, why would they all book Jack Johnson? Festivals, like acts, must have credibility, must have a core, that people can believe in... If the American granddaddy, Coachella, doesn't come up with a killer indie lineup next year, it's toast! What has Prince got to do with today's white boy alternative music? And I thought Bonnaroo was a jam band thing... Rather than continue to try to grow that, they book Metallica? Great band, but hippies hate metalheads. Sure, there's some crossover...just like some fans of Ozzy Osbourne liked the Carpenters, but not much. The producers thought they were buying insurance. Insurance is for pussies. Aren't we angry when our own acts PLAY IT SAFE?

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