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Understanding our new Copyright Law


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Good read.

Still pretty much the same story...the regular kid asks "can they come after me"..

Are "they" coming after you? If "they" are the record companies and movie studios, maybe. Depends who you believe.

Better question is, can they come after you? That requires a bit of co-operation from your ISP. A court decision (called BMG v. Doe) a few years back held that ISPs didn't have to turn over subscriber information, but that case was pretty fact-specific. The court gave copyright owners step-by-step instructions on how to make ISPs disclose this kind of info, and there's not much I can see in the bill that would change the court's ruling.

That aspect is still pretty vague - its not up to police or government, but rather copywrite holders to execute a law suit.

Overall - this just adds to the dismal failure that is the "behind closed doors" policy making feature of the government today. (remember legal boarder crossing by can/us governments?)


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I don't think I like this new copyright law.

One thing I don't like is:

Current copyright law in Canada says that if you commission a photograph (or portrait or engraving), then by default you're the copyright owner. The proposed law would change that to make the photographer the owner instead.

That means you probably couldn't stop the photographer from using photos of your wedding or your baby however he or she wants to.

So, if you think up something really sweet to get engraved on a ring, the minute you get it engraved you lose the copyright on it? Or do they get to keep the ring, who knows but a picture of me is mine unless I say otherwise which means if this passes then unless professional photographers put in their contract that I own the material, they don't get my business.

I don't like that you have to watch dvd's on dvd mediums. It's much better performance wise to rip them to hard drive and watch them on that. Physical media such as disks can have all sorts of problems like getting scratched and having to get up off your ass to put a new movie in sucks (yes, that might be called lazy but if the technology is there for me to have a library in a central location controlled remotely, why can't I have it?).

Think this thing will pass?

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