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Jack Johnson Burls Creek - Camping Ticket Needed

Irie Guy

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Anyone have an Extra Camping Ticket.

Due to my stupidity and procrastination it appears that I can't buy a camping ticket. Ticketmaster keeps spitting back that there are none available. So does anyone have an extra camping ticket only that they are willing to sell me.

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Ive sent off a couple emails to Rotate and Sonic. We'll see what they say. I appreciate the offer for picking it up. If Rotate This has them im cool as an friend who lives in TO will be up in Southampton this weekend and he can pick one up from there for us.

If Rotate this doesnt and Sonic does I may have to work a deal with you if the offer is still on the table.


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Basher looks like I may have to take you up on your offer to see if Sonic Temple has any camping tickets. Rotate This definitely doesnt as my friend inadvertently bought an extra ticket to the show itself from them. They only had the GA Show Tickets.

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