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  1. Sorry, it's all my fault. Console went down hard Tuesday morning postponing session for four hours. I had to give my tickets away but when Phish found out that I couldn't make it, they pulled the plug. Sorry doods....
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    Well, so many questions after this weekend's bumblefuk G20... Why did they hold this in downtown Toronto on such short notice? Usually there is planning of 1 to 2 years...but for Toronto it was six months... Why wasn't this held in a location that would have lessened or removed the threat of violent protesting? By setting up fences in the downtown core and hiring hundreds of extra law enforcement personal, essentially a war-zone was created...and low and behold things went wrong, drastically wrong... Was it worth the 1 & 1/2 days of lunches, dinners and a meeting??? Let's wait until the estimated cost of this clusterfuk weekend and see...
  3. Crazy feeling...people in buildings on the ground floor in our area didn't feel a thing. Everyone on the upper floors were jostled... Earthquake Info
  4. Thanks Chris, awesome pics... I would've been a bit nervous flying back though...Dico must've taken it well...no kamikaze maneuvers on the flight back :nhl:
  5. I KNEW PUNK WOULD STAY TO THE BITTER END AND GOOD ON YA MATE!!! We were watching the game and at the last few seconds the cameras showed how many "fans" had left. One of the guys made the statement that true fans would have stayed and cheered their team on for having come so far and possibly playing their last home game for the season...when the Habs ousted Pittsburgh, the Pens fans gave their team a standing-o... I'm not sayin' but I'm sayin'... No matter what Chris, I hope you had an awesome time!
  6. I swear I heard the collective groaning of booche & PEI Punk in T-dot last night :nhl:
  7. Brad, Here are the "Unknown Tunes" #1 - Rigged Noose - Sisters Euclid #2 - Two Miles of Bad Road - Sisters Euclid #3 - Galveston - Jimmy Webb Cover Cheers, CoP
  8. KevO, In no way did I think you were discrediting Rob...I was just having a Spinal Tap moment thinking of all the drummers that blew up and were then subsequently "replaced"...
  9. Thanks bouche, Dailymotion did the trick though the video is quite pixelated...hey, it's free so nothing to complain about...
  10. And here they are again with a stellar version of Warren Zevon's Lawyers, Guns & Money / I'm So Lonesome...Enjoy!!! The Sisters Euclid - Lawyers, Guns & Money / I'm So Lonesome by DaveyBones1
  11. Here are those lovable Sisters performing Jimmy Webb's "Galveston... I8K9kp4fudw
  12. Looking to have it streamed like on Youtube but as there is a 10 minute limit on YT, I'm stuck... I'm kind of a purist and I'd rather not split the song up but if I have to, I have to...
  13. Does anyone know of a free site to upload video over 10 minutes? If possible, I'd rather not cut the Sisters video up. Thanks, CoP
  14. Can't say if someone is "replacing" Rob as I believe this is the first gig with someone else on keys. Really, can someone be replaced? Mark Lalama was on B3 and accordion and definitely brought his style that complimented the Sisters sound & groove...
  15. Oh, it WAS fun... It never ceases to amaze me how much music the Sisters pump out in an evening...intense, quiet moments, full-on volume assault and with the occasional song with lyrics... A good friend and colleague of mine says that one set of Sisters is pretty much all you need for an evening of music because of how saturated the listener is after the first set... There are so many moments that slip by as the music has taken most to far off places and staying focused on the music can get a bit loose.. And then when listening back to the evening of music you hear those things that somehow slipped by... Thank gawd for the "tapers" eh, Bradm? Toronto lost a truly special musical act when the Sisters stopped playing their regular Monday gig that they had done for close to 14 years... It would be great if they did a once-a-month gig somewhere in the city and maybe in a place a bit larger than The Orbit... Now don't get me wrong, I love my time in Orbit but the music needs more "space" to expand before it is compressed and reflected back to the listeners...sometimes too much volume can be physically tiring, not to mention a bit hard on the ears...I would shat my pants if I screwed up my hearing as it's how I make my living... And also a place where there's room to groove as it's hard not to have almost every limb pumping and moving when the music is flying...and also where no one is telling you to "sit down" because you're too tall... That's my wish; a venue that the Sisters can play at once a month that's a bit larger, better acoustics and room to groove... Is that asking too much??? Oh, and for those of you who made it this far and would like to hear some of this show, I'm uploading the "Lawyers, Guns & Money>I'm So Lonesome>LG&M" video to bouche so bug his arse to get it up...trust me, it'll make you grin... CoP
  16. T-Dot ain't about the "sports" anymore...it's all about "da money"... Hey, at least we get to see some great teams that come to our city to kick our asses...Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho...
  17. If your boy gets some FTP info to me you'll have last night's show with video & "The Last Spin In Orbit" as well so no need for jealousy. I hope you & Mike have a warm & relaxing holiday season! Holiday Cheers, CoP
  18. Nice to see some old skank faces at the annual Sisters X-Mas Bash in Orbit...Bradm, and woah, Giggles comes literally out from under the wood pile... As always the Sisters tore the house down...Bradm & I recorded the night and I shot a bit of video that I'll sync to the audio...bouche, get me some FTP info and I'll send it your way... On a sad note, Rob Gusevs is no longer with the group...after many years behind the B3 he's now playing with other ensembles in the city...He will be missed but hopefully back for the occasional jam... Happy Holidays All Keep warm & play safe! The Can-Man
  19. Kerri, I believe there's lots of studio time in the second and third semester...I hung around and nabbed the extra studio time from those who chose not to use it or blew off their labs...never did understand that one... Yeah, Christoph is a great guy and incredibly talented with live sound and studio electronics...if you want a job at a studio, having electronic-tech skills will put you above the competition... Does OIART have a Venue system?
  20. The graphics department is always hiring...they're always busy... A little off-topic but bouche, check out this site...Sam works at Optix and he is an incredible photographer... Top Left Pixel
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