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Attn: Hamiltoe Kids, FREE CDs.


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Hey everyone!!!

I'm moving and don't want to move a bunch of cd's with me that I don't listen to anymore. So I'm giving them away. And I couldn't think of a bunch of folks who'd want em more.

There are a few hundred at least that I'd like to get rid of. They're all live shows for the most part, all in audio cd. Some bands would include Phish, Grand Theft Bus, Jimmy Swift, The New Deal, The Slip, Trey band, Leo Kotke, Oysterhead, and a bunch of others I can't remember. They're all "jambands" and nothing is newer than 2004.

You'll have to come and get them from my old place on the mountain, and you'll have to come and get them before next weekend (the 28 & 29). You don't have to take them all (tho that'd be lovely) just take what you'd like and I'll figure the rest out, 2 boxes are better than 6.

Please, DON'T pm me, or respond to this thread with questions. I can't check this site at work (it's classified as Entertainment and that's blocked) and I don't have the internet at home, so I'm on here very very randomly.

please email me at alexis_west81@hotmail.com or call me if you have my number. or facebook. good ol facebook.

thanks everybody! jambands is my most missed distraction!

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