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Very Special Vanderpark Show this Friday


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Vanderpark will be....

At The Legendary


This Friday July 4th, 2008

w/ Chinese Food and Trophy

Post Canada Day Bash

There is going to be some excellent Chinese Food and Trophy's to give out. So be ready and prepare for Ruckus.





In the wake of their sophomore LP All Your Hands, Vanderpark is back with their latest effort Cherish Yesterday. Musically diverse and lyrically charged, Cherish Yesterday is jam packed with the newest sounds from the Toronto-based rockers. In contrast to their earlier years, dominated by rigorous touring, this amazing live quartet has grown studio savvy, retooling and refocusing on the music industry in the making of this LP.

Boasting all the tricks in the Vanderpark bag, Cherish Yesterday is lush in musical texture as well as lyrical content. Heavy in themes of loss, regret, belonging and the things we think but don't say out loud, Cherish Yesterday is a look back to a time of chaos. Vanderpark has put it all on the line and plays it honestly and whole-heartedly, while offering a conscious and introspective outlook inspired by an era of struggle and growth.

Wielding their two distinctive voices, singers/guitarists Dave Stulberg and Marcus Wong belt soaring harmonies, tightly woven around fist-pumping grooves created by rhythm section Hanaya Haddad and Alan Demsky. Vanderpark's live performances have captivated audiences all over Central and Eastern Canada and more recently through the United States. Relix Magazine has deemed them "A band on the verge", and in 2006 alone they performed over 100 headlining shows, thrilling audiences abroad. Keep a look out because Vanderpark will be rocking in a club near you.


Chinese Food


Chinese Food has been writing and performing their own brand of rock and roll in Toronto since early 2006. Vigorous song writing and a fine tuned approach to their music have driven Chinese Food to be amoung the best of their class in the Canadian music scene. Garnering stong support from local promoters and a vibrant fane base has shown that Chinese Food "...can defintely please a crowd"(Exclaim! Magazine). Unique melodies and undeniably catchy rhythms make easy to "like Chinse Food immediately"(Exclaim Magazine). In 2007, Chinese food Released their first official independant recording effort, the self titled EP, CHINESE FOOD. The ep was highly reviewed in the Canadian music community and the band went to work on producing their first full-length album. Later in 2007 Chinese Foood was chosen to be a part of the prestigious North By North East festival in Toronto. The Festival was a great success for the band as they recieved a preview spot in NOW magazine and were named as Critics Picks art IndieMusicFilter.com. "Going on a whim for this band was one of the best decisions of the fest." (Exclaim Magazine, NXNE review) In 2008 Chinese Food was one of the busiest bands in the NXNE Festival, with the new recording "When The Future Caught On Fire ep" fresh off the press. The new ep is a four-song cd of selected material from the bands new full-length album coming in September '08. The album, titled "WHEN THE FUTURE CAUGHT ON FIRE" was mixed by acclaimed Toronto producer Adam King and mastered by Noah Mintz. Chinese Food's forward thinking nature inspired the decision to only release the album on vinyl and digital download cards, and NOT on compact disc. For more information about the band or their upcoming album




After holding up together in a converted Toronto townhouse for the best part of a year, Trophy emerged, blinking at the light, clutching an album of finely crafted, melodic rock songs. Born out of the Toronto music scene, Trophy’s self-titled debut album is both a study in contrast and a celebration of subtlety.

The album as a body of work is uplifting yet thoughtful, exploring the darker side of life but refusing to be dragged down by it. The soundscape reflects the mood and lyrics of each song as powerful guitar riffs and furious drumming are tempered by soaring, chilled out vocals. “We took our time to make sure that the songs were treated properly,†says guitarist Phil Houston, “that the contrast was right and the subtlety was there to match the lyrics and vibe of each song.â€

The five band members that make up Trophy all have musical backgrounds with other bands on the Toronto music scene. After watching each other perform for a number of years, they have come together to form a new alliance: “This is a city album, a real Toronto record, born out of our musical communityâ€, bassist Peter Fusco reflects.

The music on the album started out with a heavy-rock feel. The band sat and listened to the songs, analyzing them for a long time, before they finally began the production process: “We cranked the knobs, all of them, turned the black ones all the way up and then pulled them all back on every track,†singer/guitarist Kirt Godwin explains. What resulted was a softer, stripped-down, more dynamic sound.

Reflective and uplifting, Trophy’s self-titled debut album is the soundtrack for the day you get over your breakup - when you’ve been through an emotional time and still want to get up and dance. It’s about moving through it rather than marinating in it.



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