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How am I supposed to get through this work day?? Huh???


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Seriously. Am I seriously expected to be productive today??


Phew. OK. I'm alright.

My friend is currently winging her way to Toronto...yay!!

AND we're having roti for dinner!!

It just doesn't get any better than this..

Oh, wait! Yes, it does! I get to see a bunch of you beautiful people this weekend (That includes MorganwhoisMoMack and Schwa..I'm feeling generous)! Woohoo!!

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Are You Cut Out For Juicing on the Job?

It depends largely on your temperament and occupation. Most people can’t handle it. It takes a sure and steady hand to maintain the illusion of not drinking while drinking steadily. You must be a fully functional alcoholic. If you tend to get giggly, hostile or befuddled after two beers, you are not going to pull it off. If you are the sort that prides himself in holding his cups, if your drinking companions have a hard time telling when you’re loaded, juicing on the job may well be for you.

That said, if your job involves a steering wheel, great heights, carrying a suitcase containing nuclear launch codes, machinery that may casually remove a limb, or, for the love of God, driving a bus full of adorable school children, it’s best to find another job. Because you cannot, in good conscience, drink while working under those circumstances. For all its benefits, being lit doesn’t improve your motor skills, depth perception or sense of balance. The last thing you want to do is kill someone or lose a hand, because, as Bukowski noted, they have the wrong kinds of bars in prisons, and it’s nearly impossible to execute a proper kegstand with only one hand.

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