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Prime Minister King

"I am a Prime Minister King"

Vancouver B.C. - Friday, December 5, 2008 by: Larry Kazdan

Harper's Speech from the Throne a.k.a. "I am a Prime Minister King" to be adapted to the music of the Gilbert and Sullivan song "Oh, Better Far To Live And Die (I Am A Pirate King)"

I am the Canadian man of the hour,

using all legal means to retain my power,

to manage the great issues of the day

like shafting civil service and equity pay,

and keeping the separatists from the front bench

(or sovereignists as I call them in French),

to deal with the threatening socialist hordes

and keep for myself all patronage rewards.

Make no mistake (and I have made none)

it's time to invest -you'll make a ton!

Some may be worried about affairs of state

Me, I'm happy to just sit and wait!

Though it's time to build trust, and to take the high road,

I considered my chances, and chose to prorogue!

It is, it is a glorious thing,

to be a laissez faire Prime Minister King!

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