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Cool Vacations in the North?


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So it's winter and I'm thinking about going north?

Been looking around at Northern Lights photos...


and have been a bit taken by Nunavik. Reading a bit more about our world and how our magnetic fields emanate quite a bit from Hudson's Bay and looking at how the Belcher Islands


are stupefying, I returned to some reading about ley lines and found this:


Look at what's pretty darn close to point 9:


(and the belcher islands)

and I was wondering if anyone's gone up there. I've been thinking about traveling a bunch in the past year, and having sound reasons to go long distances since I've never really felt drawn to the same old destinations.

Apparently points 11 (stonehenge), 9 (inukjuak...or very close to), and 7 (kodiak island, Alaska) are 'neutral' points on the grid, much like Easter Island (47) and the great pyramids (1)

Of course I'd like to get the most out of my tourist dollar, but a trip to Nunavik probably wouldn't take the place of a getaway to Cuba, Sedona AZ, or SanFrancisco - but it would be pretty amazing.

Does anyone know much about the incredible places in Canada that are geologically unique?

Georgian Bay?

Vancouver Island?

the Kootenaays?

Northern Alberta?

I feel as though this country has a lot to offer and I'd really like to experience it when I finally can.

Anybody have much to share about this?

Anyway, here's the list of the vortices for those interested.

1. Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt; r

2. Western Russia; unique soil composition 1

3. Tyumen oil find

4. Lake Baikal, Northern Mongolia; unique soil composition1, 3/4 of the plants and animals (1000 species) are unique, megaliths

5. Sea of Okhotsk; major Soviet defense research site

6. Amchita Island, Aleutian Islands, Bering Sea

7. Gulf of Alaska, Exxon Valdez oil spill

8. Buffalo Lake, Alberta, Canada; major concentration of medicine wheels

9. Hudson Bay, north magnetic pole; Ugansk Bay, Eskimo art complex, Chubb meteor crater

10. Mid-atlantic underwater ridge to 37

11. Scotland; northern British Isles, Maes Howe, Ring of Brodger, Callenish megaliths; Loch Ness

12. Karachi, Pakistan; Indus Valley, ancient Mohenjo Daro culture; d, birds overwinter

13. Ancient Du Jiang irrigation system, natural home of the panda

14. Iwo Jima, southern Japan, seismic activity, Japan's Devils's Sea; d

15. Midway Island

16. Hawaiian islands; d

17. Hopi culture, Hohokom waterworks, Four Corners; r, wheel observed in Gemini photos

18. Bimini atoll, Bahamas; area of Bermuda triangle; wheel observed in Gemini photos, d

19. Atlantis Fracture

20. Morocco, Algerian megalithic ruins, Ahaggar ancient cave art; w, d, fault line to Pakistan, #12; birds overwinter

21. Zimbabwe, Africa; Sudan, ancient Kush, contemporary locust plague, near Khartoum, ecliptic crosses here and #31

22. Somalia Basin, equator

23. Chagos archipelago

24. Equator

25. Bangkok, Angkor Wat

26. Sarawak, Solomon Islands, Borneo megaliths, equator, center of spice trade, Toraja

27. Gulf of Carpentaria, massive gold reserves

28. Ponapé, Solomon Islands, equator

29. Marshall Islands

30. Phoenix Islands; Nova Canton trough; equator

31. Society Island; Caroline Islands, ecliptic crosses here

32. Mid south Pacific; equator

33. Clipperton Islands

34. Galapagos Islands; junction of Cocos and Carnegie ridges; equator

35. Lima, Peru; Lake Punrrun in coastal highlands; boundary of Nazca plate, stones of ice, seat of ancient Peru

36. Amazonian ruins, Yanomomo homelands; equator

37. Guiana Basin, Vema Fracture

38. Romanche Fracture; equator

39. Ascension Island

40. Gabon, west Africa; spontaneous U-235 atomic explosion 1 million years ago; equator

41. L'uyengo on the Usutu River in Swaziland, Great Zimbabwe, site of earliest pre-humans; d, r, birds overwinter

42. Intersection of Mid-Indian and Southwest Indian Ridges

43. Wharton Basin d

44. South Australia aboriginal land; Marilinga atomic test site, Wilpena Pound huge meteor impact site

45. Peruvian megaliths, UFO sightings; d

46. Undifferentiated south pacific ocean

47. Easter Island megaliths; d

48. Argentine Tafi megaliths

49. Rio de Janeiro; d

50. Atlantic Ridge

51. Enderby Abyssal Plain

52. Kerguelen Plateau

53. South Indian Basin

54. Kangaroo Fracture

55. Emerald Basin

56. Udintsev Fracture

57. Eltanin Fracture

58. South American tip, edge of the Haeckel Deep

59. East Scotia Basin Earth

60. South Atlantic Ridge

61. North Pole

62. South Pole

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"During the Pleistocene Ice Age, massive sheets of ice rested on northern North America, and the ice was heavy enough to weigh down the land, pushing some areas below sea level. As the ice retreated, the land slowly rose, including the land areas of the Belcher Islands. The rising of this land is slow, however, and erosion from the waters of the Hudson Bay may keep pace with the rising land, preserving the island’s general appearance for some time."

...according to NASA

GreenStone? Maybe that's the spot!

I wonder what made the eastern shore of Hudson's bay so perfectly round.

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