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Hi, its the floating head known as Mark..

Just wanted to let people know that the CD release party tonight starts at 930. Its a free show too.

Also, as part of the whole canjam holiday spirit the cd will be on sale for only ten bucks this weekend.

They will also be available at the opera house gig and the caution jam show at grossmans tavern on saturday night.

If you would like to listen to the music there are 6 or 7 songs on the myspace page. Just click on the banner with the floating heads..

Have fun this weekend and happy holidaze!

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Okay two songs really have a Morrisey vibe to me. I LOVED Morrisey back in the day. Hellz yeah!

Ya absolutely! I saw The Smiths twice in the 80's.

Johnny Marr was a huge influence on me. Very happy you like the music.. People have been telling me "it grows on you".

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