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nero 2004-06-14 Teaneck NJ (new LMA)


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Seen this recording show up on my RSS feed from LMA early this morning.

NERO @ Mexical Blues Cafe, Teaneck NJ 6-14-2004

***One set***

1. Miko Mard

2. Breakline

3. unknown

4. The Year Of

5. Zedonk >

6. Centragnome

7. Medicated

Found this show in the stash from my days as house engineer @ Mexicali. It

was a great night of music that was woefully underattended. I want to say there

was a huge show in NYC or Brooklyn... Phish? Widespread? Whatever. Hardly

anyone came out. Bummer for them, we had a great time anyway.

Source = House record matrix... SBD & omnis (earthworks?!) suspended from

ceiling over the stage lip. Recorded to either Fostex D5 or Marantz CDR,

my memory is hazy on the exact rig! Transferred to wav files via Soundforge

and converted to FLAC for upload. Not sure what the random crackles towards

the end of the set are all about.


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I always liked playing the Mexicali in Teaneck- great sound and staff.. I listened to this show and its pretty fun.. It's a rare show in that considering we were playing to only a handful of people, there are still some pretty lengthy jams. I think Widespread and Phish were in the NYC area that weekend.

I agree the bass could be a little louder in some parts though.

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