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Guest Low Roller

Hey Jaimoe, are those albums sorta like their self-titled "The Beta Band" album? I found that the album was interesting enough that it fell into the 'ok' territory, but I only listen to it on occasion. The potential was definitely there though. There's a lot of bells in it. A lot.

I've yet to listen to either Three EPs or Hot Shots II. Are they better?

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Hey Roller,

They are NOT like their interesting failure of a first album.

These 2 albums ( actually 3 EP'S is a compilation ) are great. I recommend that you buy 3 EP'S first, then Hot Shots II. Both albums are equally great, but are different in a good way. You will not be disappointed! I guarantee it.

I'm glad that the Beta Band was introduced to me 2 1/2 years ago when they opened for Radiohead in Barrie ( and also from a memorable scene from the movie High Fidelity ).

I bought Booche 3 EPS last year and not until recently has he allowed that album to KICK HIS ASS. Enjoy.

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