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nero 11/15/03 available for download


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The show's up and running at nice speeds right now on etree archives. nero opening for particle, wish I could have been there, they sound great. Breakline's sounding nicer everytime. If anyone is still low band width, or wants some nero off our list, del-head and I are always trading.



setlist info:


The Paradise

Boston MA


matched Oktava MC012 (cards DIN)>Deneke PS2> Edirol UA-5>Nomad JB3 (optical in) .wav @44.1

Original .wav tracked with Cool Edit Pro>MKWact>.shn

Taped and transferred by Jason Adler jason@galactic-trading.com

1. Breakline

2. Downside Up

3. 401 Theme> Centregnome> Run Like Hell > Centregnome> 401 Theme


Opening for Particle

The show started 1 hour late, so Nero's set was cut short.

The first minute or so of Breakline was missed. I'm not sure if a complete copy exists.

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