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The Slip: Dec 30 & 31


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From Harry over at SlipLive - both recordings also available on bt.etree.org

The Slip


Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA

Source: Onstage MXL V67Q + Rode NT4 (ceiling mounted) > MOTU Ultralight > Mac

Recorded by Harry McQuillen

1. Broke the Promised Land

2. Weight of Solomon

3. Airplane/Primitive

4. Mudslide

5. Powerful Joint

6. Reddish Moon

7. True Love Ain't Enough

8. Headshot >

9. Mr. Meowskers

10. Even Rats

11. Motherwolf

12. Yellow Medicine

13. Life in Disguise (Andrew on Banjo)

14. Dear Melina (Andrew on Banjo)

15. Catch A Villain

16. encore break

17. Hold On (Tom Waits)

18. The Soft Machine


Chatty crowd and some sound issues, FOH engineer did the best he could with a difficult system. Multi-track recordings were made, stay tuned.

mp3 (for the flac/BT challenged)


The Slip

12/31/11 Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA

Set I

1. Children of December

2. Get Me With Fuji

3. 7 Seconds

4. Cowboy Up

5. Paper Birds

Set II (all with Rob Ewing on Trombone & Cory Wright on Saxaphone)

1. Landing >

2. funky jam > auld lang syne > funky jam (brad said they just wrote it, their new years song)

3. Strangers (Kinks)

4. Motherwolf

5. Sometimes True To Nothing

6. Catch a Villain

7. Wolof


8. If One of Us Should Fall

9. Heartbreaker


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