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Patrick Watson - Adventures In Your Own Backyard - April 17, 2012


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Adventures In Your Own Backyard, the fourth full-length effort from Patrick Watson, was recorded in Montreal after a grueling five-year run that saw Patrick and his band (bassist Mishka Stein bass, guitarist Simon Angell and drummer Robbie Kuster) tour the world in support of two critically-acclaimed and successful albums, including the Polaris Music Prize-winning Close To Paradise.

The album’s title is a nod to both Watson’s attempt to make a more “personal, humble†record—and to the fact that it was recorded almost entirely in his apartment in Montreal. By contrast, both Close to Paradise and especially 2009’s Wooden Arms were recorded over long periods of time, in many different locations around the globe. As Kuster explains, “Pat's studio environment allowed us to be relaxed and feel like we were in an informal space...our own. That really let us dig in to the writing and the arranging.†The result is an album that is still ripe with the touchstones one has come to expect from Patrick Watson and his collaborators, but permeated with a greater sense of patience, and confidence.


01. Lighthouse

02. Blackwind

03. Step Out for a While

04. The Quiet Crowd

05. Into Giants

06. Morning Sheets

07. Words in the Fire

08. The Things You Do

09. Strange Crooked Road

10. Noisy Sunday

11. Adventures in Your Own Backyard

12. Swimming Pools

You can hear "Into Giants" at the website featuring your boy Brady Barrs on guitar.

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