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  1. Can't stand those ticketmaster fees, gonna get my bro to pick them up for soundscapes, hoping they still have some left tomorrow morning.
  2. Bummer about early bird. I'd love to go to this but its so far away, how is one supposed to know if they can commit to something so far away...? I think I'll end up taking the risk and going for it.
  3. Looking to buy an ebow. I can't justify spending the amount for a new one so a second-hand one would suffice.
  4. Any Ottawa drummers want to help finalize this one: ?
  5. Whoa a reply...., thank you Lou Stu!
  6. Urgently looking to sell a bluesfest ticket for tonight. I'll do it cheap. Let me know asap zaidkhan1987gmailcom
  7. Unrelatedly I had to post-pone my vacation departure to Wednesday, so this is still up for grabs. Anyone? Hate to see such great seats for such a great act not be utilized.
  8. Two excellent tickets in Row D (close up). 100 for the pair. Need to sell asap as I am unavailable after Saturday the 16th. Anyone here looking to go to that show?
  9. I just tweeted this to them:
  10. Thanks for the tips. How about non-seated ones?
  11. I have a friend looking for a venue that can host 500 peoples. So there's Capital, and there's Broson Centre (eh not ideal) what else is on the potential list? Thanks!
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