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James Cotton


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Who likes the Blz, Because the man is in Cambridge

at the L'l big horn Saloon. He hasn't been in the area for 15 years and says the band is going to play hard, Over his career he has played with the likes of the Grateful Dead, Carlos, B.B. Joe Louis Walker, Sonny Boy Williamson, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters and so on, Tickets are only 20 bucks and its a pretty cool bar, Who know's who'll be there I'm going for sure start time is 6

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I love James Cotton,seen em a few times,got him to sign my harmonica caseat the elmo I believe a few years back...thinking 94 or 95? Maybe it was 97..have to pull out my tickets.

Dam,wish I could make this show...this is goin hurt not catching this one and theres no way I can do it... -

I hate responsibilities.....(<- does that word look way too long?)

Happy be-lated bro,sorry I missed the chance to party with ya again.Hope it was a great one...I'm sure ya did it up all proper like.


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