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Dead Set discovery


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Dead Set has always been one of my favourite albums, and was the one that really hooked me onto the Dead 20 odd years ago. More recently I picked up a vinyl copy in Germany. And just now was pleasantly surprised to hear something new on it.  Til now, it always went from Rhythm Devils right into Fire, with that riff emerging out of the last few thunderous blows at what I imagine to be a 10 foot high drum smacked with a mallet. I've always enjoyed this transition.

But now I see that the original release has Space wedged between Rhythm Devils and Fire. News to me! Wikipedia tells me that the original CD pressings omitted the track "Space" so the entire album could fit on one CD. However, "Space" was included when the album was later rereleased as part of the 2004 Beyond Description box set, as well as on one CD in 2006. The 2006 release also included a bonus CD of live material.

Learning something every day.

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