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Kingfish 1986-09-07 Pyramid Lake, NV (Video/full show)


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Thought this was worth a thread. This is during the Dead's hiatus when Jerry was in a coma, Bob's arm is in sling due to a motorcycle accident. Video is a bit washed out, but hey, 32 years ago ya know.

I saw Kingfish at Rock and Roll Heaven in Toronto (88 or 89). Great show, great times. Nice to see some of this stuff turning up.

All Transfers By Charlie Miller - July 23, 2018


Jump For Joy
I Know You Rider
Don't You Lie To Me *
Goodbye Your Honor
Down In Misery
One Night Stand
Burnin' Love
Sea Cruise *
Hypnotize +
Poison Ivy #+^
Festival +^
Young Blood #+^
Big Iron +^
Bag Of Tools +^
I Hear You Knockin' #+^
City Girls +^
Easy To Slip +^
Willie & The Hand Jive #+^
Drums +
Josephine +$ 
Wavy Gravy talks


Matthew Kelly - Guitar, Harmonica
Steve Kimock - Guitar
Barry Flast - Keyboards
Steve Evans - Bass
Jimmy Sanchez - Drums
Anna Rizzo - Vocals, Tambourine
Martin Fierro - Saxophone *#
Bob Weir - Vocals, Tambourine ^$
John Cipollina - Guitar ^
David Perper - Drums +
Hadi Al Sadoon - Trumpet #

Video: AUD (Tripod) > Master
Master: JVC GX-N7U (with Nikkor 70-210mm Zoom Lense) > Canon VR-40 > VHS Master (TDK SA-EHG T-120)
Transfer: VHS Master > Panasonic AG-7150 > Canopus ADVC-300 > Firewire > HD > Sony Vegas 9 (.avi) > MPEG2 > TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 2.0 > TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5 > DVD9
[NTSC, 4:3, 8.0 Mbs, 720x480, 29.97 fps]

Audio: SBD
Source 1: SBD > Tascam Deck > Cassette Master (TDK MA-R90)
Source 2: SBD > Sony TC-D5M > Cassette Master (TDK MA-R90)
Transfer: Cassette Master > Nakamichi CR-7A > Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.6 MHz > dBpoweramp > WAV (24bit/96k)
All Transfers By Charlie Miller - July 23, 2018
Patch and Pitch correction by Kevin Tobin
[LPCM, 1.5 Mbs, 16 Bit, 48 kHz]

Extremely bright and washed out
Bob's left arm was in a sling due to a motorcycle accident preventing him from playing guitar
00:00:00-00:01:05 - Filled with graphics
00:01:05-00:04:03 - Filled with toasterbob source
00:35:45-00:44:33 - Filled with toasterbob source
00:54:18-00:56:25 - Filled with graphics
00:57:26-00:57:32 - Filled with graphics
00:57:57-00:58:05 - Filled with graphics
01:27:09-01:27:54 - Filled with dewins source
01:53:12-01:53:39 - Filled with graphics


For those interested, you can get this torrent here (account may be needed to view): http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=143072

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