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What's on box upgrade!


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Hey all! I have some exciting news, at least, it's exciting to me.

I've got some forward motion on the "dynamic" portion of the site, and for all you information crazy hounds. Access to information on tours has extended beyond ottawa,kingston, toronto, and montreal to include virtually any city in Canada.

At the bottom of the What's on Box, you can select any city that is in the database, and do a search to find who's playing in that city, and when.

The functionality will be extended beyond just searching cities, to include the bands, and even the venues. Stay tuned, or rather, get tuned and go to a show in your hometown.

Why not go for a drive and see something in someone else's hometown and meet some of the kind folk on the message board?

I can think of a few good places to chill out in Ottawa.

PS...for all you awesome dudes helping out by putting the show info into the database, this means that all those extra places like the Peterborough venues can now be viewed.

Try it out, and let me know if you have anything to say.

Thanks for helping to build and being part of a great community!


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