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Well, as the other thread has ben closed, even though it had some good regards on it, i'd like to continue the thanks over here.

Chili, you guys made some of the most amazing music I've ever witnessed. My personal regret was getting into you guys so late.

The first show JJ show i saw was at Frontier Town. Myself, and So many others were absolutely floored by the new, fresh sound being created by Jukejoint. It was so refreshing to hear something not just hashed out to the waiting audience, rather something that was inovative.

Hopefully one day, JJ will re-appear, in the same state, or in an altered state. Either way, the Chewy Goodness needs to continue.

I still find the Jukejoint Comfort Zone show, July 20th, 2002 being my most listened to show, by anyone!

At least once a day or so! I wish there was more high quality JJ out there. As I offered previously, if the original Wav's, or minidiscs, or even dats are around, i'd like to transfer them down to shn.

Your mp3's on your site that were originally studio mixes sound great, as the levels used to record are much higher than at the live shows.

Keep on groovin' guys.

4-4-03 Just ain't gonne be the same w/out ya!

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