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Last night rocked!!!


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Hey everyone!!!

This is Dan from Jambolaya.. I just wanted to thank everybody once again for coming out last night, I certainly had an incredible time layin down the beats for all you KRA-Z peeps out in Ottawa.

I cincerely hope for Jambolaya to come and play in Ottawa way more regularly...if u couldnt tell, we really dug the vibes last night. REALLY. DUG. THE. VIBES !! ... and we hope y'all did too!!

A shout out to Dr. Huxtable, u guys r so smoooooth!!!!!

Aight, peace all y'all i will be frquenting this website from now on, so please stay in touch, this is a great community.


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Hey Dan,

Wicked show the other night. It was my first time seeing you guys and Huxtable, I was totally impressed by both of you's. Come back to the Dekuf soon. Thats another thing. ITs starting to look like the Dekuf is the best venue in Ottawa. Well, unless you want to pack in 500 people, then you'll need the Babylon.

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