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Excerpts from www.jambands.com interview:

M: Are there plans to be at the big Bonnaroo Festival?

P; I don’t think so. We won’t be on tour at that point.

M: Well that should quell a lot of the Internet rumors.

P; Oh, ok (laughs).

M: How aware are you guys of all the hearsay and conjecture spread by fans and Internet geeks?

P: I don’t have a computer so I’m not really tapped into that world. Are you?

M: Well I have some friends that are really dedicated fans and they’re always keeping me informed of different rumors. People thought Vida Blue would be at Bonnaroo and the first big Phish reunion would be there.

P: I had heard that we were gonna announce a comeback on the Simpsons.

M: I heard that too. I heard Bart was going to write out tour dates on the blackboard in the opening.

P: (laughs) You don’t think anybody really believes that though do you?

M: I think some might have.

M: I’ve read interviews with Trey where he talked about his thoughts on what brought the hiatus about. What were some of your reasons for wanting to take a break from Phish?

P: Actually I’m not sure that I can sum it up that easily. It was much more of a gut feeling that it was the right thing to do at the time. The fact that I put this band together, whether it’s successful or if people like it or not, it was a really good thing for me to do. I’ve really enjoyed doing it and I’ve grown quite a bit from it. This is something that couldn’t have really happened if we (Phish) just kept pushing forward. And the same goes for all four of us. But that’s really only just the project side of it and it’s so much bigger than that, you know? But if you just take that as an example that there were things in our lives that we needed to do, take care of, and work out—all 4 of us that is. And this is one concrete to way to say ‘well look, they all have solo projects in their careers.’ That doesn’t even really sum it up, but it is more of a microcosm of maybe other things that, other ways…you know, it’s relevant and you could draw from it that there were other parts of our lives that we needed to attend to. It’s all encompassing, we had been doing it for so long and it just felt like the right thing to do at the time.

M: How often do you see or talk to the other guys in Phish?

P: Pretty frequently.

M: Have you guys been rehearsing or talking of any reunion plans?

P: Everybody’s definitely positive about Phish. It’s hard for me, just because I’m just starting off this tour and I have a lot on mind about this, you know I’ve already got another tour planned with this band. So it’s just a tough time, honestly nobody knows what’s going to happen. (laughs)

M: I was just trying to fish out some rumor fodder.

P: All I can tell you is that we’re all really good friends and we talk really frequently. And everybody is really positive in the hopes of getting to play together again.

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Sure does! Got the chance to have an extended conversation with him in Toronto a couple of years ago and not only is he a really nice guy, but he's so smooth and well spoken. At one point we were talking about what it was like in front of 90,000 in Florida and his answer was so well-put. And his voice really does sound like it does on the tapes.

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