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Tuba’s and Toast


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Sometimes, you just know everything is going to work out fine…. Sometimes you’re even right!

The smashing success that was Drums and Tuba was important on a number of levels and all of you Skanks deserve a lot of credit for showing up and bringing friends. With yet another big Nugget night at Babylon under our belts, the stage is set for many more nights of live grooves in this room. Babylon has quickly become the single biggest supporter of this scene and this music. Babylon are actively pursuing shows that are gonna blow your mind and the success of nights like 420 and last night have everything to do with that.

So how fucking good was Drums and Tuba? Jeeeeebus! The band was so impressed with the crew of people who came out to see them. They tell me it was their best show in Canada so far and the receptive crowd and great sound had everything to do with that. How freaking long was their set? It must have been 2.5 hours… GTB was solid as always and I can’t wait to get them back for a big Babylon set blender in the near future!

There sure were a lot of toasty mo-fo’s in that room. From Treyter’s passed out date(s) to Puddles trying to light his cigarette of the toaster, there were many worthy displays of toasted behavior. I found myself to busy to really notice all the worthy candidates so please sign on this thread with your toasty tales from last night ……

Really looking forward to next weeks Nugget. Jukejoint at the Bayou next Saturday night will kick some major ass, and it will also be a birthday bash for Jaybone who should be a heavy toast favorite heading into the show…. This will be the last Nugget for a while but there won’t be any shortage of good music during June and July….

Special thanks to Arcane for helping me at the door last night......

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Wowzers!!! [Eek!][Eek!][Eek!]

That was an amazing night. Thanks to all of you that spent the afternoon getting drunk on my patio, singing songs and enjoying the sun.

Treyter's two dates were a friend of mine from work (Lucy, who REALLY, REALLY likes sex) and her light-weight cousin (who unfortunately can't handle three glasses of wine). I will be inviting Lucy out again boys, no worries, but her cousin will be asked to stay home. Man I hate babysitting.

Shadow puppets in the bathroom were FUN, FUN, FUN! I never noticed the lighting in that place before (which reminds me to thank Lucy for the pills). [Wink]

As for GTB and D&T well....DAMN!!! IMHO, That was the best show Ottawa has seen in quite some time. I was dancing from the very first song and could have danced for hours more.

Everyone give a round of applause to Mr. Beamish. What a thankless job he has, but it really brings us so much joy. I was glad to see such an impressive turn-out on Saturday, I hope this means that you will b able to do more in that room with or without nero (perferably with [big Grin] )

Let's do it again!!!

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