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  1. I shall hum a happy tune in her memory.
  2. Everything you ever wanted to know about kids 2 and under. If "cry it out" ain't working for you, this is the site to check out. Crying it out is counter-intuitive to attachment parenting.
  3. Teething means a lot more saliva. It throws off the balance in the GI tract and makes for a nice feeding ground for yeast in the diaper. You asked.
  4. arcane

    Anybody knit?

    Doncha just love this brain slug baby hat? (from )
  5. arcane

    Anybody knit?

    The first one is crocheted, not knit ... can't help ya there. Ravelry--*the* fibre crafts social networking site--has a few Cthulu-based projects on file, like this crocheted balaclava: from The knitting pattern for this one is available for download through Ravelry for a small fee (3 quid): (from ) Personally, I prefer the Dracoclava: (from )
  6. One chug for every time arcane parachutes into a thread, makes noise, then leaves again for weeks or months. Better make that 10 chugs. And you have to donate them to BradM.
  7. arcane


    Balvenie is definitely a good value.
  8. Panosphere made from a colourful panorama of a sunset, as a gift to me.
  9. Brad, that cartoon is TOO FUNNY!!!
  10. Not really random or funny, but I thought it was a nice picture of my RJ.
  11. Kid and I were there. This is what happens when you tank her full of chocolate.
  12. Oooooh, there are ugly ways to take a PDF template you can't edit and appear to add text to it ... one way is to mock it up in Word by doing screen caps of the pages and paste them into Word, then add the text as text boxes in the appropriate places. Sounds like that free editor isn't much of an editor but a document creator. I create PDFs from Word by using a free print driver (PrimoPDF) that creates the files as if I were printing a hard copy.
  13. Kid and I plan to be there on Sunday. We're hoping Dave will bring his Mini-me
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