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Zoo festival


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Of course I made it to ZooZ.


The sun was killer!

A great bluegrass band opened up the set.

Your friendly neighbourhood Caution Jam came out around 2pm. Two sets with new member Jon on the drumz.


I have been a big Trickster fan for awhile, so my opinion ma be a little tainted.

HA, HA, HA. They played great! Faviorite moments include the Terrapin second set opener. Easy Wind, Lay You Love...

Trickster setlist

The venue was great! Like a big bowl.

And I mean BIG...easily fit a couple of thousand dancers.

Sound was incredible. Great Job Poncho!

The only disappointment was the attendance.

The ZT had just finished playing for 2,000 in Long Island... a packed house in B.B. King's New York club... a jammed festival in P.A....to come to canada for a handfull of people. But they still played their hearts out! Klyph was onfire!

I guess that reflects the "state of the scene".

Busy weekend, Lose Yer Shoes (another great time BTW), Hamilton's Shakedown Celebration, people still wandering home from Alpine.

From all accounts there were few for Fat Cats and Nero the day before!

I hope we don't lose access to way may be one of the better festival sites in Ontario.

Thanks ZooZ for bringing the Tricksters!

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i wanted to go soooooo bad!!!!

freakin' girly gf had different idea's!

I called and asked if the tricksters were playing two sets, how long, when finished etc...and the girl on the phone sounded like she had no idea what was goin' on.

Man, this sucks, i hope we/ you guyz don't loose the opportunity to hold another great weekend like that! I mean, it musta cost a lot to bring in the Tricksters, not to mention the way they must have felt.

Big, big, bummer. Hmmmm...last time you, caution jam/tricksters played the zone it was packed.

Was there a lot of family/strollers/etc crowd seeing all the tie-dyes???

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