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Believe it if you need it....(long)


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No, no cats there. But he has been known to kick them. When he was three or so, it took a few months for him to clue in to the fact that if you kick a cat (step on it, pull its tail, rub it the wrong way, throw it ...), it will scratch you and run away. Chasing it and trying again will not change the result.

One of my lines from the weekend:

"Can you tell the Ritalin has worn off?"

Zooooooom ...

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puddles. that website is CRAZY!! here's an exerpt, but i recommend everyone checks it out for a laugh.

"many, many, many bands shows are synonymous with drug abuse. Remember that lazy, long haired cow Jerry Garcia? he led (by example) a whole generation into drug abuse and spaced out weirdness unbecoming of a wholesome, morally healthy normal person. He paid the ultimate price! Look where he is now. He is in hell being tortured. that is his reward for all the drug abuse he inspired. Here is an excerpt of a song by the Grateful Dead encoraging drug abuse:


Take a snip of this then play a little riff, don't be afraid to try

Don't need no airplane to get off the ground there's more than one way to fly

Have a little taste, Baby, don't hesitate, every hit don`t have to be a song

Gonna take you to the cosmos, Baby, and boogie with you all night long

Riding out on a rail, feels so fine

Talking 'bout that cocaine express, mainline, got a good head of steam

-----by - The Grateful Dead-----"

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Guest Low Roller

*gasp* it all makes sense now!

PHISH= People Holding Ignorant Slaves Hostage

NERO = Nefarious Elves Running for Office

Say it ain't so GM! Say it ain't so!!!!

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