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How was Bob Wiseman??


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I was there for the first couple of his songs (during which he played guitar, IIRC, rather than keys), and, while I liked what I heard, I was in more of a Moonraker mood and left early on.

One incident stands out, however: I was first in line for the bathroom, and just as the guy who was in came out, two people, one carrying a clarinet, one carrying a partially-filled water glass, asked if they could go in ahead of me...to tune up.

Some minutes, and various tonal bleats later, they emerged, thanked me, and prepared to get on stage. I didn't hear much of the glasses, but it did my heart good to witness the care and attention paid to them.



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Prepare for gushing.

The show was awesome, with a bunch of special moments. Sweet Gertrude by request was lovely, even if he forgot a bunch of the lyrics. The sing-alongs were amazing, though he later told me his worst nightmare is to have an audience clap along. There was even a bag solo. It's funny, he doesn't jam, yet every show, and every song, is totally unique. I might bring him to town for a piano show. If that happens, I strongly pity da fool that misses it.

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