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A few words from Mickey Hart on ALBANY


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Cold Rain and Snow

Great Little Red Rooster. . It was Howlin Bob at the wheel. The wolf would have been proud of him tonight. He was out on the town and a prowlin’. We are in the zone now. Second night of cool transitions and the Eleven was muscular. The 12 against 11 section was flawless. This is the most feared and dangerous of rhythmic cycles. The band splits into 2 parts; in half. Jeff, Bill and Jimmy play 12 bars of 11 and Phil, Rob and I do 11 bars of 12. We then revolve and resolve when the cycles finally meet on the real "one", 11 bars or 12 bars depending on which cycle you are on. It feels like freefall with the ground getting closer and closer until your chute finally opens. This is not for the meek, only the "cream of the strange" would submit to such madness. We nailed it tonight. This is real sex. When we all arrive together from this experience, the emotion is overwhelming, intoxicating. This was a little trick that the great Alla Rahka(check sp) taught me back in the sixties and that we practiced over and over at the Potrero Theatre in 1968-69. I think we finally have it. Whew.

Casey Jones was steamin’ along the tracks and with the new speedo ending it is almost out of control by the end. It’s like this wild beast is loose on the town and the cage door is hangin open, like a train wreck about to happen.

Candace, Queen of Lights, is movin’ so smooth with the spots. It is like this giant organism. When the music and the lights are dancin, we can feel the lights.

Drums–the rhythm devils showed up tonight. We nailed it real good for the 20,000 screamers. We slowly moved back to the beast and I could feel the low end creep up my pant legs. Then we kicked off a great sequence and picked it apart. Bill was so tasty on the electronic pads as I kept the pulse for him. We were sailing out to sea with no land in sight, completely lost at last. We had no recollection of the drum suite after it was over. We knew we had a piece of the good this night. We leave the stage and they rest of the band wanders out for a real space moment.

Mountain girl tells me the people were screaming on the way out of the arena, just screaming as loud as they could, hootin’ and a hollarin’.

Stella Blue instrumental. This we had never done before. Tender at first, then slammin’ on home. Great ending. Garcia was smiling somewhere up there. I could feel him with us tonight.

Snowing hard, ice on the road. Me and Mountain Girl mount up and beat it on down to Boston and a day off.

We all feel good so far as the music is growing again in us.

Mickey's Tour Journal

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