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Ms.Hux! Thanks to you and Bouche for another GREAT weekend! The food was fantastic, the company stellar, and the laughs never-ending. The puppy is so cute it's killing me. He's in his crate sitting right behind me right now. He and I had a little sleep in together. It was great. He was awesome on the ride home too! He did nothing but sleep. I'll try and get some pictures up a little later today. I really need to get some work done first.

Thanks again for your hospitality this weekend. (And thanks for fighting off sleep long enough for us to meet all those great people at the party!) ;)

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You swore at me?!! ::

That's it! This friendship is OVER!!!

Joking of course. I recall nothing of the sort which means one of two things: I was having far too good a time to notice; or, I was too drunk to remember. I guess that's really one thing isn't it? :D

Great seeing everyone! I had a fantastic time at the party. Sorry for anyone's ear that I talked off. :o

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We were so happy to see you too Lisa!

Here's a picture to whet your whistle until you get your ass down here and visit!


He's running towards me. The only way I could get a picture of him was to run away from him, then turn around and snap a picture before he caught up to me. Once he's near me he just wants to be beside me no matter what I do or where I go. It's [color:"red"]SO flattering!

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