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  1. Congratulations!! Hope you're doing well!
  2. I hated that version of Oh Canada. Who in the heck changes the ending of the national anthem anyhow? I found it to be disrespectful. And MattyC pointed out the fact that no one would be able to sing along with THAT.
  3. that's it...I'm busting out the breast pump. Let the games begin!!!
  4. the last time I went boarding with you, Toddles, people laughed at me. And I think you were one of those people. but then again, so was I...
  5. my condolences to you and your family. I hope that your gathering this past weekend brought you some peace in good memories.
  6. I got mine today. Pretty smooth bracelet process, aside from being told after the fact that since I am pregnant I did not need to bother getting the bracelet (which took about an hour this morning, and I narrowly missed it...got the second-last one).
  7. Happy Birthday, Scotie! **mwah!**
  8. Wow! Way to go, Mike! Congratulations!
  9. hahaha!! Great video! hey ersh - at the acoustic Ottawa show last week, Colin was telling the crowd to lookup a parody of one of your songs on YouTube. I can't remember which song...help?
  10. ((((healing vibes)))) come back for more, whenever you feel the need
  11. I have "The Worm" injuries. I still can't believe you picked your boyfriend, Gateaux. I was totally on the floor first. :susel: What a great party! I was very sweaty.
  12. Vinny Chase is going to lose his shite
  13. - after-work-party in 1994 = I still smell like a cheeseburger - friend's parents were out of town = I don't care that I smell like a cheezeburg - friends of friends of friends show up = some guy on acid freakin' out = me slowly gathering feathers and sewing up a duvet - freaked-out guy gets escorted home = me having some drinkie-poos - check my work schedule for the next day: it reads 4-7pm. - drink, drink, etc, drink - sun rise = blurred vision/memory = realization of horrible mess = lack of good judgement = drink whatever is left in the fridge - clean up = bend blinds back to "normal", double-check duvet (realize that best effort counts), mop up puke, shake some people awake and roll them out of the house, chew gum - arrive to work on-time..."4 - 4, turn-lay 6, turn-lay 2 - 8... (+ grill order)...sear-lay 6-12!!" FACK! ::throws sear tool in closest honey pot: - 7pm = not so much. I was scheduled until midnight. I have no idear what time it was that I started drinking again, but I DO know that two days became one...no, three.
  14. hahaha!! awesome, A-B! phorbesie - booches sista and I share parents. She is now Thee SistA. Yes, that is a capital A. Watch out, jambands. Just when you thought that the Douglas signed off, another douglas-beast arises!
  15. awesome!! I second the congrats to 'ersh and the boys! (Nickel"blech"...haha! nice one, A-B!)
  16. That was well worth the drive! Nice to see & hear the different instruments. John Angus is just as much of a performer sitting on a stool as he is jumping off the drum kit. I thought for sure he was going to bust his guitar strings a number of times. I did a "Heisholt!" shout-out at an opportune quiet moment as 'ersh was joining them for a song. I had no idea how loud it was actually going to be. Booche's Sista laughed at me, almost as loud as I shouted.
  17. Happy Birthday, Jordan! me luv you long time. (sorry that Bouche soiled your bday thread...oy)
  18. You are incredibly humane, and it takes great strength to do what you have done. 1 person can make a difference, but one person can't do it all, and certainly can't do it alone. You have made an incredible difference to five animals - you nursed one back to health, and gave her a good home; and you didn't allow four others to suffer any longer. Do not question your decision; you did a good thing. What now, though? There are others, and some will end up on your doorstep again. Does it cost you to have them put down? Are you able to take another one in if you had financial help? I've wanted to adopt a cat for awhile now, but with the dog and Andre's (and friends') allergies, I have decided not to. Maybe you could foster one for me?
  19. Your results bloc 1 83% (25 / 30) bloc 2 75% (18 / 24) bloc 3 92% (22 / 24) total 83% (65 / 78) well, I certainly thought that I would do much better in bloc 2, and much worse in bloc 3....or maybe I did, and the French have this backwards too
  20. so tonight, I was browning the beef in preparation for the stew when I realized that my recipe was missing. I searched EVERYWHERE. My mouth has been frowning for the past hour, coming to the realization that this recipe may be gone forever. And then I thought...hey, maybe I posted it on jambands?? You'd think that I had won the lottery when my search results turned up this post. It's kinda late...past my bedtime for a work night, but I'm heading to the kitchen to chop up some 'tatoes and carrots. My day could not have ended better. THANK YOU, JAMBANDS FOOD-EEZE FORUM!
  21. oh, how I love a good ol' dookie story!!! There should be a "Pooh Diaries" forum.
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