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  1. Congratulations!! Hope you're doing well!
  2. I hated that version of Oh Canada. Who in the heck changes the ending of the national anthem anyhow? I found it to be disrespectful. And MattyC pointed out the fact that no one would be able to sing along with THAT.
  3. that's it...I'm busting out the breast pump. Let the games begin!!!
  4. the last time I went boarding with you, Toddles, people laughed at me. And I think you were one of those people. but then again, so was I...
  5. my condolences to you and your family. I hope that your gathering this past weekend brought you some peace in good memories.
  6. I got mine today. Pretty smooth bracelet process, aside from being told after the fact that since I am pregnant I did not need to bother getting the bracelet (which took about an hour this morning, and I narrowly missed it...got the second-last one).
  7. Happy Birthday, Scotie! **mwah!**
  8. Wow! Way to go, Mike! Congratulations!
  9. hahaha!! Great video! hey ersh - at the acoustic Ottawa show last week, Colin was telling the crowd to lookup a parody of one of your songs on YouTube. I can't remember which song...help?
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