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That1Guy Guelph review


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Left late, arrived late, missed the first act completely...

2nd act, Mayor McA (I believe?) was basically a poor man's That1Guy, but it was entertaining. I really enjoyed his tap dancing and was impressed he was able to play the bass with his feet... I remembered seeing him open for the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players when they played Lee's Palace earlier this year. I'd recommend seeing him, just don't pay a lot of money to do it...

Setbreak festivities with the Young sisters and Alexis, swallowed my poison and away we go...

That1Guy was fantastic again. He added some things to the show, kept all the coolest stuff in, and in the end he easily won over the crowd. His bass and kick drum sounds were hitting me so hard I thought Punk from nero was on stage... That1Guy loves the low end. He teased "Iron Man" again, but the breakdancing was definately better tonight. A lot more smoke as well... Heard a couple tunes from his upcoming album, which apparently is a concept album about the moon. Loved those as well.

Show ended, I finished my beer, said my goodbyes, and came home. Bought the CD, I'm hoping to listen to it later... Good to see Jaydawg, Lion Locks, and the Young sisters out to play. Boo to Weirdness, Groove Fetish and Kung... An act THIS good comes to your hometown and you miss it? Boo! Boo I say... VERY small crowd, but it was a Tuesday night in Guelph... Worth $6? You bet. This show was not taped. Let's correct that for at least one of the following shows please:

05-26 El Mocambo, Toronto, ON

05-27 Elixir, Kingston ON

05-28 Pepper Jacks, Hamilton ON

C'mon people, he's honestly good. Worth seeing at least once, so if you missed CTMF you've got three nights left...

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Cheers Del, I hear that! That FunKin 1GuY........ BUMP! You gotta see this guy, guy!, its like, Damn, guy! Hes funkin The Guy Man! Cha! Funkin Guy. Blowin Me away Guy....

See ya alll tonight..........gUyz....heahea. *(Hows that?)* BUMP>! LoL! Oh shit Say it! by the way, Is anyone even gonna show tonight? maybe?:: Skank it EaSy........

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