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The Pixies Last Night @ Arrow Hall,Toronto


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I have to go right now, but I thought I'd write a brief review of The Pixies show last night at Arrow Hall.

The logistics of getting to Arrow Hall ( which is near Pearson International Airport ) during rush-hour is nothing short of a nightmare. It took me 2+ hours to get there from downtown Toronto. Also, Arrow Hall itself is nothing but a airport hanger, which results in sucking the atmosphere out of a crowd and a band... which it did last night. The place is cavernous, with no warmth.

However, The Pixies played great and the audio, as long as you stayed in the middle, was excellent. The band was tight and Joey Santiago ripped great guitar fills on almost every song. Frank Black is a genius and a tremendous frontman and Kim Deal's bass was a perfect foil for Frank's rhythm guitar.

All-in-all, it was a good show and if it were held at a better venue, The Pixies last night would have been one of the best concerts I'd seen in years. Still, I feel almost blessed to have seen them.

If anyone needs a ticket for tonight's show in Toronto, my co-worker, Carla, has an extra @ face-value. You can email her at carla.wong@utoronto.ca.

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It was one of the best shows I've ever seen...I mean i could be because I know every single note of every song they played an have been waiting to see them for 12 years but that aside...what a band! I mean right from the get go..In Heaven right into Uk Surf version of Wave of Mutilation right into Where is my Mind? I mean c'mon that's just ill...I couldn't have been happier, unless maybe there was a second set...i hope all you people in ottawa an MTL took advatage of seeing them while they were in your neck of the woods...

"HEy! Been trying to meet you...."

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