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  1. fluffhead77

    Epic Covers

    Well, THIS guy is at least coming to TO in Dec! Just heard this the other day for the first time, which blew my mind given J recorded this over 5 years ago! Thanks, @backbacon!!!
  2. fluffhead77

    Epic Covers

    Pretty pumped to see this lady at Outlaw Music Fest in a couple weeks! Edit: F&*K... she's not on the TO leg of the tour
  3. This person is a comic genius. Also... HI everyone! Been a while... *waves
  4. Gonna try some waffle cut fries + nachos + veggies and dip... I need a meat course though.
  5. fluffhead77


    Well said, Todd! May have to dig that out on Phish.in this afternoon.
  6. I've wanted this book for a while now. I think I need to finally get off my ass and go grab it!
  7. I, for one, welcome our new Icelandic overlords.
  8. Sounded decent from what I heard - def. room to grow as the tour wears on. Glad POG and Jaybone were there to represent the skank!
  9. So does that mean MMJ is now not in the headlining spot for Saturday? Would much rather see MMJ close it out on Sat. First world problems, though...
  10. Why, b/c they're literate and don't fancy a sheep?
  11. Oh yeah, definitely good to see Donna with them. Hearing her on the other hand is always an exercise in extreme patience. Serenity now... JM, however, is a fantastic addition to this band and you've really seen his playing open up in the 8-9 months that he's been playing and touring with them. Much more fluid playing, and he seems less reliant on such a bluesy sound as he was when he first started. Love this.
  12. Oh man!! I would LOVE to see this!
  13. fluffhead77

    Epic Covers

    Who gives a sweet flying fuck about the cover?! Let's just all focus our energy on willing the band to bring this beast back to the stage. God, I miss it.
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