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head shops in montreal


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there's also a pot cafe...i forget the name... (not sure if that's the one you're referring to KevO) on St. Denis and Mount Royal area I think...similar to how Roach a Rama in Toronto used to be.

There's a head shop called "Weedstock" on St. Denis south of Sherbrooke - not the greatest shop, but one nonetheless.

Je L'ai is expensive, but they have some nice pipes and bongs in there. My girlfriend and I were in there once looking at their stickers, many which include such ideolistic phrases as "Cars suck," and "Love Stops Terror" when we noticed this contradictory sticker: I guess in efforts to be all super liberal and all, they had a sticker that said, "Free Yourself From Money." So I was about to take one (for free), but then the clerk informed me that I had to buy it...

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