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Audience Recording Techniques


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I was wondering something...i'm sitting here listening to the PJC Organ and Drums show, and i'm noticing a lot, and i mean a heckuva lot less crowd noice then compared with the Slip at PJC show...

Both are audience recordings...

Why does the audience chatter come out so much more on the Slip recording? Different mics? Different mic locations? I think both shows were equally chatty (doesn't anyone watch/listen to shows anymore?)

(also, did anyone notice the rush tease in the second track of the second disc in the PJC organ and drums show...)

i'm not even sure the song....just recognized it as one of their most popular tunes...Tom Sawyer maybe?

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And just to add to what headygouda said, while putting the mics on the stage gives a lot less crowd noise, and often gives you a clearer recording of the instruments, the big problem with it is that you can miss out on a lot of the vocals (and at a lot of shows, the vocals have effects, like reverb, added to them as they're run through the PA, so even if your on-stage mics pick up the live sound the singers, it'll sound kind of "dry").

For a band like The Duo, which doesn't have vocals, stage micing can work really well. For a band like The Slip, which does have vocals, it's probably better to set up in the audience area.



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