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Shainhouse & Large Marge's Adventure in Leeds!!!!


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Well, Margaret came to visit me for two days this week, and boy was it lovely to reminisce, talk about home and see a familiar face. Also want to thank mister slippery for the festival express dvd! It's amazing!

Well, to put it plain and simple, we got shitfaced. Ended up having a wonderful dinner at a Mexican restaurant, had 2 bottles of Sangria, came back and endulged in some organic potables... to make a long story short, we ended up crashing this guy named Stumpy's 18th birthday party accidentally and stumbled home, running away from the weather because we thought a hurricane was approaching...

Also saw a lovely funk band called the Haggis Horns and took her on a tour of the lovely city, found £1 bottles of Jager, mulled wine and german meat...

fun fun fun... pictures will be up once Margaret gets home!

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