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Anyone into the recent wave of music influenced by


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I've written 3 From Fiction reviews for this website, one for their EP and the other two are for concerts.

I love From Fiction. I know Owen their bassist quite well. He's never been able to categorize their sound and neither can I. I think that as a collective, From Fiction would be shocked to have King Crimson mentioned as an influence. Math-rock? I'll have to mention that to Owen. I'd call From Fiction progressive avant-garde hard rock, but hard rock with a punk enthusiasm mixed with free jazz!

Thanks for the post Whitey.

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Another Canadian band that embodies the title math-rock are The Creeping Nobodies: http://www.thecreepingnobodies.com/

Loads of those bands here too. Franz Ferdinand, Razorlight, Mama Scuba, Duels...

I'm not sure if I would refer to these bands as math-bands per se. At least based on the definition you and I have hinted at in this thread, Jaimoe.

Shain as well, I think these acts you have referenced weigh a little much on the 'retro' side of punk & rock to be called math-rock. Math-rock usually (and in my mind) suggests more progressive leanings.

I often say, if the term had been thought up 30 years ago, King Crimson, Red Krayola, Yes, these would've been under the term.

It's all just music though right?

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