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seeking musical salvation down under


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Hey guys. As many of you know, i've been down here for a few months and will be away for many more to come. I brought some cds wiht me, but alas, it's not nearly the variety I'm used to. All that to say, I'm sorta hopin' someone might be able to B&P some new tunes. I've got a few canadian bucks and can track down some blanks if someone would be willing to do some burning. I'm burning-disabled right now and it really hurts.

Thanks a bunch!

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I'll hook you up Blane. Just fire me an email at tseantaylor@canoemail.com and let me know what specifically you are jonesin for. I have pretty much the best half of my collection here in Rhode Island and I'll send you a bunch of cds to make the postage worthwhile.

I have the likes of nero, Phish, Dead, Dylan, Zappa, TAB, MMW live cds- and a bunch of mixed cds from just about every genre.

Lemme know and its done.



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