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Thanks Greg. That fight was in the playoffs too. It ended Bouchard's career as an enforcer. Best fight ever IMO - featuring my favourite Bruin.

There was also another " fight " going on at the same time as the Jonathan - Bouchard fight: Gilles Lupien vs John Wensink. Remember Lupien pulling Wensink's hair?

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A 'game misconduct' should equal exactly that...

Which it does.

According to NHL Rules

A "GAME MISCONDUCT" penalty involves the suspension of a player for the balance of the game but a substitute is permitted to replace immediately the player so removed. A player incurring a game misconduct penalty shall incur an automatic fine of two hundred dollars ($200) and the case shall be reported to the Commissioner who shall have full power to impose such further penalties by way of suspension or fine on the penalized player or any other player involved in the altercation.


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