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New music purchases/downloads


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I went a bit crazy yesterday myself, heres what I grabbed, as well some recent downloads I grabbed. Wondering what new music (any format) folks have grabbed recently?


  • Rick Danko - Crying Heart Blues
  • Daniel Lanois - Belladonna
  • Daniel Lanois - Rockets (replaced)
  • Travellin Wilburys - Vol. 3
  • Jerry Garcia - All Good Things Box set
  • The Gourds - Cow,Fish,Fowl or Pig
  • The Jerry Garcia Collection - Legion Of Mary (Vol.1)
  • Grateful Dead - Dead Set (replaced)
  • Johhny Cash - The Legend Of Johnny Cash
  • Bob Dylan - Bootleg Series 7 (NDH)(UK version)


  • Funky Meters - New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest (2000)
  • Sympathy For The Devil - ( Jean-Luc Godard Film) (Stones recording session)
  • Grateful Dead - Truckin Up To Buffalo
  • Bob Dylan - Unplugged
  • Bob Dylan - A&E Biography
  • Bob Dylan - Tales From A Golden Age - 1941-1966
  • Bob Dylan - World Tours 1966-1974

Recent download scores

  • Gov't Mule - Opera House 08-16-1997 [color:blue]CD
  • Los Lobos - The Fillmore, San Francisco CA 16-Dec-05 [color:blue]CD
  • Cream - 2005-10-24 [color:red]DVD
  • Neil Young - "Muddy Track" unreleased film European Tour Documentary [color:red]DVD
  • HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED (BBC 1993, BBC Four logo) [color:red]DVD
  • DYLAN IN THE MADHOUSE (BBC 2005, BBC Four logo) [color:red]DVD
  • DYLAN`S LEGENDS (BBC 2005, logo free) [color:red]DVD
  • Bob Dylan - Eat The Document [color:red]DVD (upgrade)

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the 3 best things i've got recently..

Suprise Me, Mr. Davis - Only In Montreal ep - some beautifully raucus folk n roll.

Deadly Snakes - Porcella - so pretty.

Dungen - ta det lungt - as much of an epic pyschadelic rock n roll trip as any review you've read says it is. made me think of nero. with a big swedish singer. singing in swedish.

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Guest Low Roller

I recently acquired a ton of new albums..

Animal Collective- Feels

Broken Social Scene- To Be You and Me [EP]

Deerhoof- The Runners Four

Flaming Lips- Soft Bulletin

Jay-Z- The Blueprint

Kings of Leon- Aha Shake Heartbreak

Madlib- Mind Fusion vol.2- Jazz Funk Soul vol.2

MF Doom- The Very Best of (2CD bootleg compilation)

Of Montreal- The Sunlandic Twins

Sufjan Stevens- Seven Swans

Thelonius Monk w/John Coltrane- at Carnegie Hall

Thom Yorke- acoustic at Trade Justice Movement (05-04-16)

Wilco- Kicking Television: Live in Chicago

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